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Loupes With Clip, 3.5X-340mm

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These binocular magnifying loupes easily clip on a pair of glasses (glasses not provided). The pupillary distance can be adjusted with the central adjustment knob. The double hinge design allows vertical adjustments in front of the glasses so that the optical pieces can be positioned perfectly in front of the eye. Switching between magnified and normal view is possible by flipping up the loupes. The flip-up hinge tension can be adjusted. The vertical adjustment hinge should be secured after setting up the loupes. 

Magnification                          3.5 X
Working distance*                 340 mm (290-390 mm)
Depth of field                          50 mm
Field of view                           55 mm
Weight                                   52 gr
*The loupes will provide a sharp image at the Working distance +/- the Depth of field.

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