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Mouse and Rat intubation system kit

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Part Number:Ohan-303

Ohan-303 Mouse and Rat Intubation System Kit - Seamless Integration for Rapid and Accurate Intubation

Description: Introducing the Ohan-303 Mouse and Rat Intubation System Kit, a revolutionary solution designed by Ohan Cardiovascular Innovations Corp. to streamline rodent intubation procedures. This all-encompassing kit includes every component necessary for efficient mouse and rat intubation, offering unparalleled convenience and precision.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology, the Ohan-303 system enables researchers to perform mouse and rat intubations in less than 1 minute with 100% accuracy. This advanced system transforms experimental workflows, saving valuable time while ensuring consistent and reliable results across species.

As a one-person-operated unit, the Ohan-303 Mouse and Rat Intubation System Kit simplifies the intubation process, enhancing laboratory efficiency and reducing the need for additional assistance. Its user-friendly design empowers researchers to conduct experiments with ease and confidence.

Experience the ultimate integration of mouse and rat intubation technology with the Ohan-303 System Kit, crafted by Ohan Cardiovascular Innovations Corp. Trust in Ohan's commitment to innovation to elevate your research capabilities and drive scientific discovery forward. 

The kit includes

  1. "Ohan" Rodent laryngoscope
  2.  One Fiber cable for mouse intubation 
  3.  One Fiber cable for rat intubation
  4.  "Ohan" Fiber light illuminator and charger
  5.  Lung bulb for small mice ( 10-20g ) -package of 3
  6.  Lung bulb for adult mice ( 20-50 g) -package of 3
  7.  Lung bulb for rats -package of 3 
  8. 25 puritan swab-872-PC-DBL( sample)
  9. 25 puritan swab- 871-PC-DBL
  10. 25 Puritan swab-870-PC-DBL
  11. One Stevens Iris Forceps
  12. One vascular Scissor
  13. An endotracheal catheter for mice (Package of 3)
  14. An endotracheal catheter for rats (Package of 3) 

For more details please see the video 

USA Patent number: 10695515

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