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Mouse intubation kit

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Part Number:Ohan-201
"Ohan-201"  mouse intubation kit has all components necessary for mouse intubation. 
This is a new system designed by "Ohan" cardiovascular innovations lab. The system allows scientists to intubate mice in less than 1 minute and 100 % accurate.  On person operated unit.  

The kit includes

1."Ohan" Rodent laryngoscope
2. One Fiber cable for mouse intubation 
3. "Ohan" Fiber light illuminator and charger
4. Lung bulb for small mice ( 10-20g ) -package of 3
5. Lung bulb for adult mice ( 20-50 g) -package of 3
6. 25 puritan swab-872-PC-DBL( sample)
7. 25 puritan swab- 871-PC-DBL
8. 25 Puritan swab-870-PC-DBL
9. One Stevens Iris Forceps
10.One vascular Scissor
11. An endotracheal catheter for mice ( Package of 3)
12. DVD - Rodent intubation technique by using "Ohna" Rodent intubation system.  

For more details please see the video  

USA Patent number: 10695515

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