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Bonn Scissors 3.5" Straight 15mm Sharp/Sharp Ceramic Blades

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3.5" long Bonn Scissors with 15mm long straight blades. Ceramic coated tungsten carbide reinforced blades with SureCut blade design and Sharp/Sharp tips. Ceramic coated scissors have a serrated blade and a very sharp blade like sure cut scissors while the ceramic coating lends the metal surface unbelievable hardness. This material and design characteristics result in extreme durability and effortless, smooth cutting. Customers who try ceramic coated scissors say they never want to work with anything else! These scissors come with a premium price tag but they will stay sharp over 6 times longer than regular scissors. Multiply the price of stainless steel scissors by six and deduct the price of these ceramic coated ones and you will see that these scissors are actually a good deal! The tips of ceramic coated scissors are intentionally a little less sharp than the tips of scissors made of stainless steel or tungsten. The reason for that is that the coating would chip off from the tips if they were too thin and pointy. This is a small trade off for unprecedented cutting performance.

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