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Bonn Scissors 3.5" Straight 15mm Sharp/Sharp Sure Cut Blades

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Bonn Scissors 3.5" long; 15mm long blades, Straight, Sharp/Sharp Tips; Sure Cut Blades. Sure Cut scissors, which have black rings for easy identification, are designed to cut different types of tissue smoothly and easily. They are unique because one blade is manufactured with micro-serrations perpendicular to the cutting edge and the other blade is honed to razor sharpness. The cutting edges of regular scissors are two squared edges. Sure Cut scissors make a reliable, clean, smooth cut. There is less force required to cut tissue with these scissors. The bevel-honed edge of Sure Cut scissors acts like a razor edge to cut tissue without crushing it. The serrated edge grips very soft or tough tissue preventing slippage. The firm grip and the superior sharpness guarantee that cutting is always effortless with Sure Cut scissors.
WARNING: These scissors feature a razor edge blade which is extremely delicate. They are designed for cutting tissue only. Using these scissors on any hard material such as bone, wire, or fur will result in dulling and damaging the blades.

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