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Bonn Scissors 3.5" Straight 15mm Sharp/Sharp Tungsten Carbide Blades

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3.5" long Bonn Scissors with 15mm long blades. Straight tungsten carbide blades with sharp/sharp tips These are the shortest dissecting scissors with tungsten carbide blades available in the market. Tungsten blades are sharper and much more durable than regular blades. Sharp blades allow smooth cuts and prevent unwanted lacerations on the tissue. Please see our other tungsten scissors in the Tungsten Carbide Scissors sub-category under “Scissors” The short blades of these scissors are beneficial for delicate procedures where precise, gentle cuts are required. Possible applications include oviduct harvest, lymph node harvests, piercing the trachea partway to insert a catheter for bronchoalveolar lavage. Shorter blades make it easier to correctly judge the depth of penetration in any surgical situation making it easier to prevent damage to underlying structures. A special application is the extraction of mouse brain. The shorter blades make it easier to avoid damage to the brain while snipping the skull. The tungsten blades are much stronger than stainless steel blades making these scissors a better tool for working on the skull.

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