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Extra short-blade scissors; 4"length; curved ; 8 mm cutting edge length; extra fine tips; 0.4 mm combined tip width.
  • Increased precision
  • Easier cutting
  • No overcuts
These scissors have the shortest blades from the tip to the screw relative to the length of the handle. This greatly improves precision as every careful move of the operator is scaled down more than usual. The full blade length (not only the usable blade length) of small scissors is typically between 30-45% of the length of the handle. In other words, for every millimeter the handle moves, the tips move 0.3-0.45 mm. The blade length of these short-blade Roboz scissors is less than 15% of the length of the handle. They react to the movements of the operator about half as much as other fine dissecting scissors and about a third as much as standard dissecting scissors. Using the same example, a 1 mm move of the handles will move the tips about 0.15 mm. This greatly improves the accuracy of cutting. Another consequence of the short blade is larger leverage, which allows cuts to be made with much less force. The scissors appear to cut easier as if they were sharper. Because there is no need to press hard on the handle, the cutting force does not need to be decreased as much as usual when the material finally gives and the cut is made. Accidental cuts deeper into the tissue than intended are easier to avoid this way. These scissors have extra fine tips that are about half the standard size. The combined tip width is only 0.4 mm.

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